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2004 Season
June 24, 2004
Harleysville (256.5)Fanny Chapman (207.5) 
 Hatfield (264)Souderton (202)Diving completed 6/28.
 Lansdale (168)Nor-Gwyn (277) 
 Towamencin (261)Pennridge (205) 
June 29, 2004
Fanny Chapman (238)Nor-Gwyn (228)Very exciting meeting coming down to the last relay!
 Harleysville (253.5)Hatfield (211.5) 
 Pennridge (266)Lansdale (200)David Apple broke a 14yr old team record in 14 & U boys freestyle.
 Souderton (215)Towamencin (250) 
July 06, 2004
Harleysville (202.5)Towamencin (262.5)Several pool and team records were set by both teams!
 Hatfield (215)Nor-Gwyn (250)NorGwyn's boys 10&under relay set a
team and pool record. Congratulations!
 Souderton (245)Pennridge (221)Exciting Meet. Great Swims. Came down to the relays.
July 08, 2004
Fanny Chapman (256)Hatfield (209) 
 Nor-Gwyn (204)Towamencin (262) 
 Pennridge (204)Harleysville (262) 
 Souderton (255)Lansdale (211) 
July 13, 2004
Harleysville (262)Souderton (181) 
 Hatfield (270)Lansdale (160)Diving cancelled due to weather
 Pennridge (217)Nor-Gwyn (247)Good Meet. Very Exciting.
 Towamencin (264)Fanny Chapman (202)The Towamencin girls 8 and under free relay set a new pool
record with the time of 105.40 Nice job ladies.
Tara Rogers set a new pool record in the girls 8 and
under backstroke. Great job Tara.
Thanks to Fanny Chapman for a great meet.
July 15, 2004
Fanny Chapman (252)Pennridge (213) 
 Hatfield (222)Towamencin (244) 
 Lansdale (199)Harleysville (264)Pool record broken in the 14 and under girls medley relay
(Rinker, Toropin, DiBonaventure, Dusing)
 Nor-Gwyn (243)Souderton (216) 
July 20, 2004
Nor-Gwyn (208)Harleysville (258) 
 Pennridge (213)Hatfield (256)David Apple broke 2 team records and 2 pool records in 14 & under fly and free.
The open boys relay broke a 28 year old pool record. Congradulations guys!
 Souderton (203)Fanny Chapman (263) 
 Towamencin (253)Lansdale (203)Michael Kohler Broke his own record in diving.
Great Job Michael. Great job to the Mighty
Dolphins for an outstanding season.
July 21, 2004
Lansdale (206)Fanny Chapman (259)Meet postponed from 7/7

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