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2005 Season
June 23, 2005
Hatfield (212)Harleysville (252) 
 Lansdale (169)Pennridge (294) 
 Nor-Gwyn (247)Fanny Chapman (219) 
 Towamencin (258)Souderton (204)Well, The Mighty Towamencin Dolphins soared,
I mean pushed off to new depths.
Thanks go out to the Souderton Swim Team for a great meet.
June 28, 2005
Fanny Chapman (284)Lansdale (180) 
 Nor-Gwyn (254)Hatfield (212) 
 Pennridge (236.5)Souderton (227.5) 
 Towamencin (278)Harleysville (186)Jack Morris broke a pool and team record in backstroke. Awesome job Jack!!!!

Philip Letcavage broke a team record, with an in pool start in the butterfly. Great job Philip!!!!
June 30, 2005
Harleysville (235)Pennridge (230) 
 Hatfield (213)Fanny Chapman (252) 
 Lansdale (223)Souderton (242)Great Meet! Was close to the very end.
Stephanie Smith (Lansdale) set a new pool record in the 10U 25 Breast.
 Towamencin (280)Nor-Gwyn (184)Pool record set by Jackie Borkowski of Nor-Gwyn!
Nice Job Jackie.
July 07, 2005
Fanny Chapman (202)Towamencin (264) 
 Lansdale (213)Hatfield (250)Another great meet at Lansdale tonight!
 Nor-Gwyn (233)Pennridge (232) 
 Souderton (205)Harleysville (254) 
July 12, 2005
Harleysville (289)Lansdale (160) 
 Pennridge (236)Fanny Chapman (230)Excellent meet! Congradulations to Ben Dearden for setting a new team and pool record in the Open Boys Butterfly; to the Pennridge Open Boys relay for breaking their own team record; and the FC Girls 12 & Under Relay for setting a new pool record.
 Souderton (207)Nor-Gwyn (258) 
 Towamencin (254)Hatfield (212)Towamencin had 15, yes, 15 seniors,recognized for their many years of hard work and dedication to swimming with our team. Even with our senior night and 6 heats of some events, our starter Mr. Reynolds managed to finish the meet by 10:04. ( And They Say It Could'nt Be Done) Thanks to Hatfield for a great meet. Thank you seniors for your many years of hard work!!!!!
July 14, 2005
Fanny Chapman (258)Souderton (207) 
 Harleysville (242.5)Nor-Gwyn (223.5) 
 Hatfield (211)Pennridge (254) 
 Lansdale (155)Towamencin (308)Great meet tonight! We had 4 pool records broken by the Towamencin Dolphins. Sarah Morris broke the 8 & under 25 meter backstroke. Jack Morris broke the 10 & under 25 meter freestyle. Philip Letcavage broke the 12 & under 50 meter butterfly. And Michael Kohler broke the junior diving record. Congratulations!
July 19, 2005
Fanny Chapman (244)Harleysville (222) 
 Nor-Gwyn (258)Lansdale (207) 
 Pennridge (203.5)Towamencin (261.5)The water was super charged at Pennridge as a total of 10 records were smashed. For Towamencin, Michael Kohler broke the Jr. Boys diving record with a 118.45. Phillip Letcavage broke the Boys 12 & Under butterfly (31.72) and freestyle (29.29) pool records, Nicolas Gimenez broke the Boys 14 & Under breaststoke pool record(35.34), Blaire Kinsey broke the Girls 12 & Under breaststroke pool record (36.81). For Pennridge, Ben Dearden broke the Open Boys butterfly pool and team record (101.28), Morgan Allison broke the Girls 10 & Under freestyle pool and team record (14.64) and David Apple broke the Open Boys freestyle team record (56.85). Great way to finish the regular season!
 Souderton (225)Hatfield (241) 

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