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2006 Season
June 27, 2006
Harleysville (183)Towamencin (269)Wow!!! The kids did a great job, and so did the officials in the down'pours.
This is the first meet that the spectators were as wet as the athletes.
Thank you Harleysville for getten-er done.
 Hatfield (163)Nor-Gwyn (281)Diving to be held 7/5
I think the kids were drier in the pool! Thank you to all the members of Nor-Gwyn for hanging in there with Hatfield so that we could get our 1st meet of the season in!
 Lansdale (92)Fanny Chapman (174)Held 7/12 due to rain
 Souderton (251)Pennridge (213) 
June 29, 2006
Fanny Chapman (231)Hatfield (91)Due to very bad ligtening we were forced to end the meet at Event #33. Since we had most strokes completed the coaches decided that to make-up the remainder of the meet was not necessary. Let's hope the weather improves!
 Nor-Gwyn (190)Towamencin (268)Held 7/10/06. NG Score is an estimate (ms)
 Pennridge (173)Harleysville (286)Completed 7/5
 Souderton (280)Lansdale (186) 
July 06, 2006
Harleysville (264)Souderton (202)Souderton's 14 girls broke the pool record for the medley relay with a time of 2:10.25. Curzon,Savern,Kush,Kichline
Harleysville's 14 boys broke the pool and team record for the medley relay with a time of 2:04.55. Lezynski,Augustine,Lockbaum,Stiles
 Hatfield (273)Lansdale (191) 
 Pennridge (181)Nor-Gwyn (282) 
 Towamencin (262.5)Fanny Chapman (203.5)What an awesome meet. The sportsmanship was outstanding and the races were fantastic. The kids did ans exelent job this evening. With a late start and 37 heats of free the volunteers and officials did a great job of keeping things moving!!! Thank you to everyone.
July 11, 2006
Fanny Chapman (273.5)Pennridge (191.5)Great job to all swimmers. We had a fun Hawaiian themed night. Thanks to Pennridge for contributing to the great environment.
 Hatfield (204)Towamencin (262)Thanks to Towamencin for helping us with our 50/50 fund raiser for the Gabi Award!
 Lansdale (198)Harleysville (261)Lots of records broken tonight. Great swimming. Congratulations to Sarah Ladley Sen 100 Free, Paige Whitmire Sen 50 Back and Harlyesville Sen Girls 200 MR for breaking the pool record. Congratulations also to Pat Augustine 14 & under 50 Breast and Harleysville 14 & Under Boys 200 MR for their records.
 Nor-Gwyn (2)Souderton (1)Score N/A
July 13, 2006
Nor-Gwyn (195)Harleysville (263) 
 Pennridge (238)Hatfield (228) 
 Souderton (198)Fanny Chapman (268) 
 Towamencin (268)Lansdale (184)Congratulations to Ashley, Michael and Emily for breaking records tonight. This had to be the loudest meet of the season. Great cheering!!! Thank you Lansdale.
July 17, 2006
Harleysville (238.5)Fanny Chapman (227.5)VERY exciting meet! Came down to the last relay
 Hatfield (244)Souderton (221) 
 Lansdale (183)Nor-Gwyn (281)Congratulations to Jackie Borkowski for breaking her own record in the Sen Girls 50 Fly and 50 back, Nicole Dibonaventura broke the record in the girls 100 Free and Linda Ashmead broke the 8&U Girls 25 Back.

Way to go girls! Thank you all for a great meet!
 Towamencin (251)Pennridge (195)Boy, was it ever HOT!!!! We had more parents offering to swim for their kids this evening. If it weren't for those darn Speedos, I think we may have seen some Dads in the pool.
July 19, 2006
Fanny Chapman (260)Nor-Gwyn (206) 
 Harleysville (248.5)Hatfield (217.5) 
 Pennridge (236.5)Lansdale (225.5) 
 Souderton (207)Towamencin (254) 

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