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2010 Season
June 24, 2010
Nor-Gwyn (236)Harleysville (194) 
 Pennridge (215)Hatfield (251)Great first meet! Thanks Hatfield for coming out on a "school night"....
 Souderton (212)Fanny Chapman (253)Thanks to Fanny Chapman for being such gracious hosts, and for your patience and help with our many new parent volunteers!
 Towamencin (316)Lansdale (113)Great meet tonight. Wow, we were home before the sun went down!!!

Diving is not included in the results, as it will take place on July 1st.
Good Luck Divers!!!
June 28, 2010
Lansdale (182)Nor-Gwyn (284)Weather cooperated, records broken: Marie Yacopino (NG) jr diving, Maureen Boland Bintner (L) 25 fly, Sean Faikish (L)25 back and 25 fly (10 yr record)
June 29, 2010
Harleysville (203)Fanny Chapman (227) 
 Hatfield (288)Souderton (178) 
 Towamencin (256)Pennridge (206)It was hippie night at Towamencin, with lots of colorful shirts and bandanas. Lots of fun music for hot heats, and some great swimming!!
July 06, 2010
Fanny Chapman (257)Nor-Gwyn (209) 
 Harleysville (211)Hatfield (219)Super meet. Score does not include diving.
 Pennridge (210)Lansdale (255)Thanks to Lansdale for making it a 'cool' meet...Many records were broken, friendships made, and memories that will last a lifetime ...
 Souderton (212)Towamencin (254)Meet held at Towamencin
July 08, 2010
Harleysville (184)Towamencin (246) 
 Hatfield (238)Nor-Gwyn (228)What a meet!! What fabulous spirit!!
 Lansdale (136)Fanny Chapman (330) 
 Souderton (185)Pennridge (280)Great meet everyone, with several pool records broken!
July 13, 2010
Fanny Chapman (233)Hatfield (96)WOW! Two great teams filled with spirit and a love for the sport of swimming. Thanks to everyone involved for helping the meet move along at a rapid pace in an attempt to beat the storm. Meet called after event 33
 Nor-Gwyn (150)Towamencin (215) 
 Pennridge (236)Harleysville (191)Thanks to Harleysville for an 'electrifying' and 'groovy' meet. Meet called after event 45 due to weather.
July 14, 2010
Souderton (174)Lansdale (291) 
July 15, 2010
Harleysville (241)Souderton (207) 
 Hatfield (283)Lansdale (183)Thanks to EVERYONE for a great meet!! Outstanding sportsmanship made for an energetic fun-filled meet. 2 team and 6 pool records were broken - congratulations to the Hatfield and Lansdale swimmers/divers who now own those records!!
 Pennridge (202)Nor-Gwyn (264)Thanks to Nor-Gwyn coaches, athletes, and parents for a great meet!
 Towamencin (226.5)Fanny Chapman (239.5)Wow!! This meet came down to the last relay. It was loud and fun. Both team swam well and many records were broken. Congratulations Fanny!!!
July 20, 2010
Fanny Chapman (253.5)Pennridge (212.5)Senior night at Fanny Chapman! Good luck Fanny and Pennridge seniors, you will be missed. Thank you to all the parents and coaches that participated in our third annual Parents/Coaches relay at the end of the meet. The kids LOVE watching you have fun!
 Hatfield (204)Towamencin (257) 
 Lansdale (238.33)Harleysville (227.67)Score updated after review.
 Nor-Gwyn (269.5)Souderton (196.5) 

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