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2011 Season
June 23, 2011
Fanny Chapman (250)Harleysville (216)Both teams really "lit up the sky" this evening! Thank you to Harleysville for waiting out the storm. Every competitor got a chance to swim.
 Nor-Gwyn (265)Lansdale (201) 
 Pennridge (185)Towamencin (280)Great first meet. Great job Towamencin.
 Souderton (178)Hatfield (288)Great 1st meet back in the new and improved Souderton Pool! Thanks to everyone who helped to make it a smooth and quick meet!
June 28, 2011
Hatfield (254)Harleysville (212) 
 Lansdale (231)Pennridge (234)Down to the senior relays!
 Nor-Gwyn (109)Fanny Chapman (148)Partial result - Meet cancelled at event #26
 Towamencin (248)Souderton (215)Lots of Ninja Towamencin swimmers and Hawaiian Souderton swimmers made for a fun and eventful evening.
June 30, 2011
Fanny Chapman (269)Lansdale (196)Top notch weather to go with top notch swimming.
 Nor-Gwyn (235)Hatfield (231)Down to the last relay!
 Pennridge (281)Souderton (183)"Superheros" all over the place. Great night and a great meet. Three pool records set - 1 by Souderton and 2 Pennridge. Awesome!!!
 Towamencin (254)Harleysville (210)Great swim meet lots of cheering and oh what beautiful weather!!
July 07, 2011
Harleysville (234)Pennridge (230)Another barn-burner!! This is what summer swimming is all about!
 Hatfield (211)Fanny Chapman (254) 
 Lansdale (264)Souderton (202) 
 Towamencin (280)Nor-Gwyn (184)Congratulations to the Nor-Gwyn 10 and under boys relay for a new pool record.
After a shaky start with the weather, we had a fun night of hip hop dance and fast swimming.
July 12, 2011
Fanny Chapman (282)Towamencin (184)A beautiful evening with top times and enthusiastic cheering. The great sportsmanship shown by both teams which were competing hard against one another is a testament to the quality of the swimmers and coaches in our league..
 Lansdale (240)Hatfield (226)Last three events cancelled due to weather
 Souderton (194)Harleysville (257) 
July 14, 2011
Harleysville (223)Lansdale (243) 
 Pennridge (226)Fanny Chapman (242)Great night and a great meet. Many pool records broken!
 Souderton (144)Nor-Gwyn (322)Congratulations Nor-Gwyn! Good meet Souderton! Congratulations to our 1 and only graduating senior, Chloe Thomas. Thanks for the many years swimming with Souderton, and good luck with your future at Liberty University!
 Towamencin (266)Hatfield (200)Great weather, great swimming, great time!! Claudia Thamm from Hatfield broke the girls 10 and under breaststroke record and Eve Kosten from Towamencin broke the team and pool record in the senior 50 yard backstroke.
July 19, 2011
Fanny Chapman (254)Souderton (212)What a evening filled with fun and family! Thanks to the Souderton parents for joining us in our annual parent/coaches relay! The kids absolutely loved watching their parents swim fast!!
 Harleysville (231)Nor-Gwyn (235)Down to the last relay once again!!
 Lansdale (208)Towamencin (258) 

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