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2013 Season
June 27, 2013
Fanny Chapman (258)Lansdale (208)Thank you to Lansdale for making the journey once again to Fanny Chapman. Not a drop of rain - the air was brisk for the first time all summer. Your willingness to participate in the parent/coaches relay was an added bonus.
 Nor-Gwyn (234)Hatfield (231) 
June 28, 2013
Pennridge (276)Souderton (190)Meet postponed to Friday, June 28th at 5pm!
 Towamencin (304)Harleysville (162)Due to lots of rain and thunder, the meet was postponed to Friday morning at 7:00am. Thanks everyone for rearranging your schedules and making this meet happen!
July 02, 2013
Harleysville (243)Pennridge (223) 
 Hatfield (211)Fanny Chapman (255)Great job by all!
 Lansdale (271.5)Souderton (194.5) 
 Towamencin (260)Nor-Gwyn (206) 
July 09, 2013
Fanny Chapman (257)Towamencin (209)This meet never disappoints in terms of fast races and enthusiasm! Not to mention that we beat the rain by one event!
ALL FIVE of the Senior Girl Pool Records were broken tonight: Allie Szekely set the 50 breast, 50 back and 50 fly records and the Senior 200 medley relay was broken by A. Szekely, H. Wittman, S. Colyar, H. Blaser of Fanny Chapman. The 100 Free pool record was broken by Shannon McKernan of Towamencin. Congratulations!!
 Lansdale (228)Hatfield (237) 
 Nor-Gwyn (238)Pennridge (227) 
 Souderton (197)Harleysville (236)Great meet, with the usual crazy senior relays! Thanks to all the graduated seniors! We'll miss you!
July 11, 2013
Harleysville (262)Lansdale (204) 
 Pennridge (209)Fanny Chapman (257)THE WEATHER COOPERATED!! Thanks for a great meet and a successful 50/50!!
 Souderton (238.5)Nor-Gwyn (226.5)First Win for Souderton in 7 years!!!! A great meet with some great races and records broken! Thanks for a great meet Nor-Gwyn!
 Towamencin (253)Hatfield (213) 
July 16, 2013
Fanny Chapman (258)Souderton (208)The heat wasn't that bad! Hope all enjoyed spending time with friends while racing fast. Two pool records were broken tonight. The 8 and Under Pool Record of 19.81 was set by Nyah Petrakis in the 25 breaststroke. Congratulations Nyah!!
Spencer Nice of Souderton set the new 14 & Under breaststroke record by posting a 30.39. Way to go Spencer!!
 Harleysville (240)Nor-Gwyn (226) 
 Hatfield (275)Pennridge (191)Great races despite the sweltering heat. Great job to all!
 Lansdale (201)Towamencin (265) 
July 18, 2013
Fanny Chapman (235)Harleysville (231)WOW! WOW! WOW!
An amazing meet was put together by two very energized and enthusiastic swim teams.
If the heat didn't cause exhaustion in participants and spectators, the excitement of the meet will definitely help everyone sleep well tonight. Thank you to the officials for taking the extra time to audit this razor thin result.
 Nor-Gwyn (200.5)Lansdale (265.5) 
 Pennridge (204.5)Towamencin (261.5)Wow, was that one HOT meet! Luckily there was no winner for "heat stroke!"
A HUGE THANK YOU to all who contributed to our 50/50 tonight!! The Frerich Family (a dive family) won and donated all of their winnings back! This money will be given to the Kaempf Family. Pat Kaempf was our dive rep and started our Sync & Dive. She has been in a coma for almost a month now following a freak scooter accident in an elementary school parking lot!!
 Souderton (218.5)Hatfield (247.5) 
July 23, 2013
Hatfield (221)Harleysville (245) 
 Lansdale (243)Pennridge (223) 
 Nor-Gwyn (215)Fanny Chapman (253) 
 Towamencin (259)Souderton (207) 

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