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2014 Season
June 26, 2014
Fanny Chapman (264)Hatfield (202)Thank you to Hatfield for a wonderful first meet of the summer!
 Nor-Gwyn (222)Towamencin (244) 
 Pennridge (196)Harleysville (270)Beautiful weather for our first meet!
 Souderton (196)Lansdale (270) 
July 01, 2014
Harleysville (254)Souderton (179)A HEROIC effort by all the SUPER swimmers. Thanks Souderton for an epic meet.
 Hatfield (202)Lansdale (257)Hatfield may have come up short but we gave it our all. Congratulations Lansdale and thanks for your patience!
 Pennridge (267)Nor-Gwyn (198)The only thing hotter then the temperature was the Gator swimmers
 Towamencin (191)Fanny Chapman (267) 
July 07, 2014
Lansdale (250)Harleysville (209)An exciting meet! Thank you to all of the meet officials.
July 08, 2014
Fanny Chapman (256)Pennridge (176)Unfortunately a quick but major storm cancelled the diving portion of the meet.
Beautiful skies opened the swimming portion of the meet. Starter ran a very fast meet and we almost beat the storms return later in the evening. Thank you to all Pennridge and Fanny parents/swimmers for fighting back against the weather.
 Hatfield (190)Towamencin (274)After a two day rain delay we were able to finish on a sunny Friday morning. Thanks to all for coming back out.
 Nor-Gwyn (249)Souderton (216) 
July 10, 2014
Nor-Gwyn (190)Harleysville (255) 
 Pennridge (220.5)Hatfield (231.5)Due to lightning delay this meet is to be continued...there is only an 11 point differential with Senior relays pending.

Pennridge has forfeited the last two events. So the score shown is now final.
 Souderton (151)Fanny Chapman (252) 
 Towamencin (234)Lansdale (206)Great meet by both teams!
July 15, 2014
Harleysville (188)Fanny Chapman (277) 
 Hatfield (205)Souderton (261)Great weather, great athletes and great competition. Congratulations to everyone!
 Towamencin (260)Pennridge (203) 
July 16, 2014
Lansdale (255)Nor-Gwyn (211)Finished our meet tonight with great weather and lots of cheering. Thanks, Nor Gwyn!
July 17, 2014
Fanny Chapman (272)Nor-Gwyn (194)Great sportsmanship was all around at this meet. Thank you to Nor-Gwyn for celebrating with us this evening. That was the best Parents/Coaches relay ever!!!
 Harleysville (258)Hatfield (208) 
 Pennridge (195)Lansdale (267)Tonight was not about winning or losing because all swimmers we able to honor Coach Rich who is leaving us after this summer to join the United States Marines
 Souderton (214)Towamencin (252)Great night for a swim meet. Awesome parents relay to wrap things up. Thanks Towamencin.
July 22, 2014
Harleysville (214)Towamencin (252) 
 Hatfield (236)Nor-Gwyn (230)A mere six points to decide the meet...Thanks Nor-Gwyn for an exciting competition.
 Lansdale (184)Fanny Chapman (280) 
 Souderton (258)Pennridge (207) 

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