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2016 Season
June 23, 2016
Fanny Chapman (279)Pennridge (179)Thanks for a great meet Pennridge!
 Hatfield (195)Towamencin (261) 
 Lansdale (202)Harleysville (264) 
 Nor-Gwyn (224)Souderton (242)Turned out to be a beautiful night to start the season, and both teams showed such great team spirit when it came down to those medley relays. Thanks for a great meet Souderton!
June 28, 2016
Nor-Gwyn (240)Harleysville (226)Some of the best cheering we have heard at a meet from both teams! Thanks Harleysville for an exciting meet that came down to the relays, and your young swimmers have great team spirit!
 Pennridge (254)Hatfield (194)We snuck it all in, and a had a great time. Thanks to everyone who helped pull it off in time before the storms! PAC's first win in two years
 Souderton (180)Fanny Chapman (254)And the thunder rolled during the 14UG medley relay! Fantastic swimming and diving competition as we lucked out dodging the earlier storm predictions. Meet went great! thanks to all for participation and helping out!!
 Towamencin (260)Lansdale (206) 
June 30, 2016
Harleysville (204)Fanny Chapman (226) 
 Hatfield (179)Souderton (278)Loved seeing both teams cheer each other on! The sibling and parent relays were a real treat!
 Lansdale (217)Nor-Gwyn (249) 
 Towamencin (277)Pennridge (187) 
July 07, 2016
Fanny Chapman (275)Nor-Gwyn (191) 
 Harleysville (261)Hatfield (191) 
 Pennridge (162)Lansdale (300) 
 Souderton (209)Towamencin (257)Exciting Meet down to the relays! Thanks Towamencin!
July 12, 2016
Harleysville (219)Towamencin (247) 
 Hatfield (206)Nor-Gwyn (259) 
 Lansdale (211)Fanny Chapman (248) 
 Souderton (286)Pennridge (179)What a great night for a swim meet! Thanks, Pennridge looking forward to Saturday!
July 14, 2016
Fanny Chapman (294)Hatfield (157) 
 Nor-Gwyn (196)Towamencin (256)Always a fun meet when you end with the coaches relays!
 Pennridge (197)Harleysville (265) 
 Souderton (226)Lansdale (239)Thanks, Lansdale for such a fun meet! Dancing the night away at Souderton Pool!
July 19, 2016
Harleysville (267)Souderton (198) 
 Hatfield (195)Lansdale (271) 
 Pennridge (219)Nor-Gwyn (245)Great last meet of the season. Very close meet that came down to a few relays. Thank you Coach Mike for 3 great seasons...PAC & Buxmont will miss you!!!
 Towamencin (177)Fanny Chapman (289) 

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