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Please note - these are League Championship Records set at "A" Champs, these times/scores do not include dual-meets.
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Freestyle Relay

Fanny Chapman 1:12.34M (2006@Hatfield)

Towamencin (B Kinsey, K Jesaitis, E Kirsh, E Rodman) (TOW) 1:03.72Y (2001)

100 Freestyle Relay
#1 - 8 and Under - #2

Towamencin (Groff, Hoffman, Platt, Schwartz) (TOW) 1:11.39M (2013@Hatfield)

Towamencin (J Kim, N Clark, K Stressman, L Schwartz) (TOW) 1:02.46Y (2011@Souderton)


Allie Szekely (FC) 15.04M (2008@Hatfield)

Claudia Thamm (HAT) 13.11Y (2012@Towamencin)

25 Butterfly
#3 - 10 and Under - #4

Eric Schultz (NG) 15.81M (2004@Hatfield)

Robbie Ferlick (HAR) 13.68Y (2015@Towamencin)

Caroline Kelcy (SOUD) 17.64M (2016@Hatfield Aquatic Center)

Claudia Thamm (HAT) 15.09Y (2010@Towamencin)

25 Butterfly
#5 - 8 and Under - #6

Spencer Nice (SOUD) 17.47M (2008@Hatfield)

Jason Deana (NG) 15.96Y (2003@Souderton)

Claudia Thamm (HAT) 30.49M (2013@Hatfield)

Claudia Thamm (HAT) 27.43Y (2014@Souderton)

50 Butterfly
#7 - 12 and Under - #8

Brian Castagna (FC) 30.92M (1994)

Mason Potts (NG) 25.95Y (2018@Towamencin)

Claudia Thamm (HAT) 29.41M (2016@Hatfield Aquatic Center)

Allie Szekely (FC) 26.24Y (2012@Towamencin)

50 Butterfly
#9 - 14 and Under - #10

Sean Faikish (LANS) 27.80M (2016@Hatfield Aquatic Center)

Philip Letcavage (TOW) 24.41Y (2007@Souderton)

Paige Whitmire (HAR) 28.89M (2008@Hatfield)

Paige Whitmire (HAR) 26.31Y (2007@Souderton)

50 * Butterfly * 100
#11 - Senior - #12

Triston Loux (SOUD) 59.00M (2013@Hatfield)

Christopher Szekely (FC) 51.71Y (2011@Souderton)


Caroline Kelcy (SOUD) 21.97M (2016@Hatfield)

Claudia Thamm (HAT) 18.18Y (2010@Towamencin)

25 Breaststroke
#13 - 8 and Under - #14

Chris Dwyer (HAR) 21.64M (1991)

Grayson Campbell (NG) 19.10Y (2011@Souderton)

Jessica Burns (SOUD) 17.69M (2016@Hatfield)

Claudia Thamm (HAT) 16.11Y (2012@Towamencin)

25 Breaststroke
#15 - 10 and Under - #16

Greyson Campbell (NG) 17.92M (2013@Hatfield)

Dominick Szabo (NG) 16.24Y (1993)

Eve Kosten (TOW) 36.87M (2008@Hatfield)

Deanne Moyer (HAR) 32.57Y (1992@Souderton)

50 Breaststroke
#17 - 12 and Under - #18

Cody Kulick (PEN) 36.66M (2016@Hatfield)

Nick Clark (TOW) 30.79Y (2015@Towamencin)

Angela Severn (SOUD) 35.06M (2006@Hatfield)

Allie Szekely (FC) 30.57Y (2011@Souderton)

50 Breaststroke
#19 - 14 and Under - #20

Sean Faikish (LANS) 32.08M (2016@Hatfield)

Dominick Szabo (NG) 28.44Y (1997)

Allie Szekely (FC) 33.41M (2016@Hatfield)

Angela Severn (SOUD) 30.15Y (2007@Souderton)

50 * Breaststroke * 100
#21 - Senior - #22

Nicholas Fanslau (TOW) 1:06.25M (2002@Hatfield)

Dominick Szabo (NG) 58.34Y (1999)


Toni Ann Battaglia (FC) 19.78M (2006@Hatfield)

Stacey MIller (SOUD) 17.48Y (1995)

25 Backstroke
#23 - 8 and Under - #24

Aidan Faikish (LANS) 19.53M (2013@Hatfield)

Michael Slater (FC) 17.06Y (1993)

Emily Kosten (TOW) 16.90M (2008@Hatfield)

Larissa Dodson (PEN) 15.47Y (1988@Souderton)

25 Backstroke
#25 - 10 and Under - #26

Carter Gardy (FC) 17.47M (1973)

Derek Williams (LANS) 15.17Y (1984)

Megan Smith (SOUD) 33.52M (1991)

Shannon McKernan (TOW) 29.17Y (2010@Towamencin)

50 Backstroke
#27 - 12 and Under - #28

Aidan Daly (LANS) 32.51M (2013@Hatfield)

Mason Potts (NG) 27.98Y (2018@Towamencin)

Kailyn Evans (LANS) 31.39M (2013@Hatfield)

Allie Szekely (FC) 27.67Y (2012@Towamencin)

50 Backstroke
#29 - 14 and Under - #30

Sean Faikish (LANS) 29.35M (2016@Hatfield)

Storm Krader (HAR) 26.44Y (2015@Towamencin)

Morgan Scott (PEN) 29.55M (2016@Hatfield)

Olivia DeStefano (TOW) 27.96Y (2014@Souderton)

50 * Backstroke * 100
#31 - Senior - #32

Corey Smith (TOW) 1:00.07M (2016@Hatfield)

Corey Smith (TOW) 54.10Y (2014@Souderton)


Jacqueline Borkowski (NG) 16.35M (1996) and
Toni Ann Battaglia (FC) 16.35M (2006@Hatfield)

Claudia Thamm (HAT) 13.78Y (2010@Towamencin)

25 Freestyle
#33 - 8 and Under - #34

Aidan Faikish (LANS) 16.14M (2013@Hatfield)

Travis Bechtel (SOUD) 14.08Y (1981)

Cortney Neverosky (NG) 14.55M (2016@Hatfield)

Claudia Thamm (HAT) 12.55Y (2012@Towamencin)

25 Freestyle
#35 - 10 and Under - #36

Carter Gardy (FC) 14.62M (1973)

Chris Dwyer (HAR) 12.40Y (1993)

Megan Smith (SOUD) 28.44M (1991)

Shannon McKernan (TOW) 25.04Y (2010@Towamencin)

50 Freestyle
#37 - 12 and Under - #38

Brian Castagna (FC) 28.65M (1994)

Mason Potts (NG) 24.21Y (2018@Towamencin)

Angela Severn (SOUD) 27.35M (2006@Hatfield)

Claudia Thamm (HAT) 25.19Y (2015@Towamencin)

50 * Freestyle * 100
#39 - 14 and Under - #40

Jake Kramer (HAR) 56.54M (2016@Hatfield)

Jackson Green (FC) 49.66Y (2014@Souderton)

Morgan Scott (PEN) 56.76M (2016@Hatfield)

Angela Severn (SOUD) 52.31Y (2007@Souderton)

100 Freestyle
#41 - Senior - #42

Nicholas Fanslau (TOW) 53.13M (2002@Hatfield)

Andrew Zhugayevich (FC) 46.60Y (2014@Souderton)

Medley Relay

Towamencin 1:06.11M (2008@Hatfield)

Souderton (A McElwee, A Carr, J Moyer, E Souder) (SOUD) 1:01.66Y (1992@Souderton)

100 Medley Relay
#43 - 10 and Under - #44

Towamencin (Kim, Schwartz, Clark, Stressman) (TOW) 1:08.39M (2013@Hatfield)

Nor-Gwyn (A Patterson, K Kuffner, R Bryant, R Fein) (NG) 1:03.25Y (2011@Souderton)

Fanny Chapman 2:17.55M (2008@Hatfield)

Fanny Chapman (A Szekely, H Blauser, S Colyar, A Boucher) (FC) 2:00.53Y (2010@Towamencin)

200 Medley Relay
#45 - 12 and Under - #46

Lansdale (Daly, E Degodny, Faikish, Hall) (LANS) 2:16.37M (2013@Hatfield)

Towamencin (J Kim, L Schwar, N Clark, K Stressman) (TOW) 1:59.39Y (2015@Towamencin)

Hatfield (E. Koerper, M. Fritz, C. Thamm, C. Thamm) (HAT) 2:06.83M (2016@Hatfield)

Towamencin (M Morris, B Kinsey, J Ikeda, E Rodman) (TOW) 1:54.29Y (2007@Souderton)

200 Medley Relay
#47 - 14 and Under - #48

Nor-Gwyn (J. Fidanza, G. Campbell, J. Deppen, L. Engel) (NG) 1:59.41M (2016@Hatfield)

Towamencin (B Kratz, N Fanslau, S Grieco, E Falco) (TOW) 1:47.13Y (1999@Souderton)

Towamencin 2:03.66M (2008@Hatfield)

Towamencin (O DiStefano, E O'Niell, A Haggerty, S Lebold) (TOW) 1:52.15Y (2015@Towamencin)

200 Medley Relay
#49 - Senior - #50

Towamencin 1:50.38M (2002@Hatfield)

Towamencin (M Schulz, T Kountroubis, N Kountroubis, L Kelley) (TOW) 1:38.72Y (2015@Towamencin)


Megan Wenzel (HAT) 177.33 (2015@Fanny Chapman Memorial Pool)

Junior Diving

Michael Kohler (TOW) 149.60 (2004@Towamencin)

Maddie Freece (TOW) 279.10 (2016@Fanny Chapman)

Senior Diving

Ozzie Moyer (HAR) 337.60 (2012@Fanny Chapman)

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